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Les Webcasts de la Sécurité


Join us for a 45minutes Webcast every two weeks to exchange with our experts around the current cybersecurity topics. All our webcasts will be focus around three thematics : Agility, API, openness of the information system via code / Security for public cloud environments / Cyber incidents and prevention. You want answers to your questions? Join Us!


10am – 10.45am

“Maze Ransomware Attack Simulation”

Join us to see exactly how a Maze ransomware attack works and how to defend against it in our attack-and-respond simulation!
Ransomware gangs like Maze dwell in networks for months, stealing data and leaving backdoors before they start dropping ransom notes.
We’ll teach you how big-game ransomware gangs operate and showcase common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that will help you prepare for an attack.

Speakers :

Christophe Bianco & Murat Aksu


    10am – 10.45am

    “Visibility and Cloud Application Control to protect remote workers”

    Adopting cloud delivered SaaS applications chosen by IT is a natural process for many enterprises, for agility, cost, scalability and easy of use reasons. Many others believe it’s a scary step and the move is postponed, mainly due to the lack of controls and visibility that they are used to when the applications are on premise. However, an average company is already using more than 1000+ SaaS applications without their knowledge.

    Speakers :

    Frédéric Lavendhomme & Jacques Renier

      THURSDAY 29 OCTOBER 2020

      10am – 10.45am

      “How to publish your API’s with confidence”

      Digital Transformation is driving an explosive growth of API’s, with more and more business depending on them for vital customer interaction. To accommodate for this growth, API gateways sit at the edge, and are the ingress point to all API traffic, providing robust functionality such as request routing, rate limiting, and API authentication.In this webcast we show you a complete solution for managing and securing your API’s, so they can be deployed with confidence. 

      Speakers :

      Jean-Etienne Schouver & Koen Vanderpoorten

        THURSDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2020

        10am – 10.45am

        “Security as Code : Shifting left to accelerate security “

        The application is the catalyst for business innovation. Today, all kinds of products and services in the digital landscape are consumed in the form of applications and APIs. Hence, it presents a huge attack surface. In order to respond to such threats, companies need to embrace a change in culture. This is where DevSecOps comes into play. The goal of DevSecOps is to break down the silos between development, security and operations teams by injecting into everyone, a uniform security focused mindset…

        Speakers :

        Francis Demkiw & Edouard Viot

          THURSDAY 3 DECEMBER 2020

          10am – 10.45am

          “Building a hybrid cloud security architecture with Check Point Blueprint 2.0. “

          Enterprises continue to embrace hybrid and multicloud strategies where business agility, productivity, operational efficiency, flexibility and profitability are undoubtedly the key drivers behind enterprise public cloud adoption. Security is continually cited as a key barrier to wide-spread enterprise cloud adoption.
          Join us and learn how to build an hybrid cloud security architecture with Check Point Blueprint 2.0.

          Speakers :

          Jérôme THOEN & Emanuel DA COSTA

            THURSDAY 10 DECEMBER 2020

            10am – 10.45am

            “Comprehensive Cloud Security with Prisma Cloud”

            As organizations scale their cloud footprints, they need to ensure both their cloud infrastructure and cloud native applications are secure. Prisma Cloud is the industry’s only comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform (CNSP) that delivers full lifecycle security and full stack protection for multi- and hybrid-cloud environments. Join us and find out more.

            Speakers :

            Romain SUAREZ & Danny BAILEY